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The ULTIMA PERGOLA ARCH with Stout and stylish, the Ultima Pergola Arch possesses the elegance of cross-hatched trellising, but the robust durability of diagonal support-struts and chunky cross-pieces.It is ideal for placement beneath a young tree, whose falling branches will be like a gnat’s footstep upon the Ultima Pergola’s broad beams. Offering shade and substance, the Ultima Pergola Arch is perfect for relaxing beneath on those warm summer days that deign to visit this country on rare occasions.The arch would also suit a hanging basket or two, dependent upon your horticultural tastes. Square and yet gainly, the ULTIMA PERGOLA ARCH would be a formidable addition to your ever-expanding range of garden furnishings.Features
  • Softwood design
  • Integral trellis for climbing plants
  • Angled roof
  • Finely cross-hatched panels
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 220 x 182 x 136 cm

Forest Ultima Pergola Arch B00CBU83C4

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